ForsakenSandwich on July 12, 2007

Well. I didn't update last week cause I was busy, figured no one would care anyway x.X Sorry bout that!

As the image says.. I'm taking a break on freakish. I know some of you may know I was planning on starting a 3rd comic (I still am), but that has nothing to do with this. In fact I was perfectly willing to do 3 comics at once. But I thought about it, and, really, I dread doing freakish every week. I love freakish, I love the characters and all, but the pages I do just suck, I didn't explain a lot of things well, changed my mind about things half way through,etc. I especially dislike the recent pages that aren't colored.. ugh! I stopped doing color cause it took a lot of time, and I regret stopping.

So I'm taking a break to get shit together, prepare some more and improve. I dunno when I'll return to this, maybe when HTDS and its prelude are over, but I definately will, and it'll come back better than ever. I'll probably delete freakish and re-create it fresh when I do return, but it'll have the same name. Well, see you guys someday!