Frogman on Feb. 2, 2008

Introducing Steve Miller. Lots of stuff in the background of this one. Hopefully it'll give you an idea as to what type of person he is. Yarr, there be boobs on this page too! (You have to find them though, it's like a ‘Where’s Wally?') See, it totally deserves an ‘M’ rating…

Also, a cameo by me (as seen in Ultimate X in the ‘Got Milk’ ad. Did you notice it before I told you? So you don't strain your eyes trying to read it, the text says: Webcomicing requires strong bones apparently. That's why they forced me to drink this milk. Studies suggest that teens who drink milk tend to cop more roots. Too bad I'm lactose intolerant. My tummy hurts. ‘Cop more roots’ is Australian for ‘have more sex’.

Here's an interesting note: Steve was designed after an 18 year old me.