Heroes Unite Crossover

QSAMA on Nov. 15, 2008

Q: Hey guys! page break time again and this time were hitting you off with something special. As you may or may not know I am one of the contibuting artists on the community project Heroes Unite. Well with the launch of the third series Heroes Unite EGO, we've been afforded the oppurtunity for a lil cross-promotion. The ads theme is watch the skies…and as you can see Hookz, Liz, and Bonez are clearly doing so (GJ doesn't need to watch cuz she already knows what's going on ;-)). This only my 4th digital color piece so I hope you enjoy and if you get a chance check out Heroes Unite at http://www.drunkduck.com/heroes_unite!

M: I always like to chime in with my two cents when Quentin puts up a page break as I can compliment them without tooting my own horn…as I had nothing to do with this page…no writing involved. I love this pic…the clouds and grass look really good and the characters look sweet in colour…for only his forth digital colour piece, Q's done a great job. Of course Bones is Albino but what can he do, the cat has a skin conditon I guess…As Q said, check out Hero's Unite, and while your at it check out other strips on Drunk Duck…just bomb around and read stuff…most of it is good stuff…well worth the read.
See you all next week with more Girl Jesus as the court case winds down.