usedbooks on Oct. 18, 2008

Gelotology is the study of humor and laughter. (From the latin gelos, meaning laugh.)

I'm have my masters degree in Biology and am the daughter of a high school physics teacher (father) and high school ecology/biology teacher (mother). Science humor is an integral part of my life. For years, my brother and I have made up goofy science gags, wanting to incorporate them into some sort of parody story. I decided it is time to compile them into a comic. – Bear with the so-called “art” as I am a biologist, not an artist. ;-)

This comic will appeal to anyone with a scientific mind and a juvenile sense of humor. I'll do my best to avoid explaining jokes unless asked. (I won't insult your intelligence.) This comic will update 1+ times per week and is mostly an outlet to keep my mind from going stale while I have writer/artist block on my long-running serious/dramatic story Used Books.