GSeasons Greetings

Rudedude55 on Dec. 24, 2010

Now I know things have been very, VERY dead around here for, well, since I started up about 2 years ago I guess, and i know this won't make up for it, BUUUUUUUUT… it's still well written in my opinion

but yes, here's the 2010 holiday short story I put up on DeviantART yesterday, to which I continue waiting on my viewers comments, however, I AM resilient, and I'll wait as long as I have to *dramatic eyes*

anyway, I hope you had an awesome Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate, lol) and may your 2011 be even greater

now, on a separate note, I'd like to address the recent spike in page views from all of you guys, I literally have no idea why, but around the end of October my daily view count skyrocketed (my highest being Oct. 24th with 720 views) now it MIGHT have something to do with my TV tropes page expanding ten fold around the same time, but who's to say really?

no matter thanks to everybody all the same, now, before I sign off, look at this webcomic I read: (#19 on my list) and this one I WILL be reading that will start up in exactly one week (be on the band wagon FIRST!) (soon to be #7 on my list)

later readers!