Generic Title 5 - Batality

Hunter5024 on April 18, 2008

Sorry its been a while. I've got big things in the works, and in order to emphasize my point Im going to rewrite that in all caps because its ironic to write the word big in big letters.

Anyways theres not really a whole lot to say about this comic. Except that I dont really have anything against Superman. Except that stupid curl in his hair… When I heard about the MK DC cross over my first thought was about how cool it would be to pit Batman against Scorpion. Than I realized that I couldnt care less who the hell else will be in it from DC. Ten year old me would have been all over this news though.

So heres a question why is that guy behind the computer screen the whole time? Is he playing a game that has him so fascinated that he cant be bothered to look up? Is he illegally watching a bootleg movie online? Is he reading through the archive of a highly underrated web comic?

Or did I just copy and paste the last panel from my third comic over and over again, because I forgot to save the background, so the only image I have of that room is with him behind a computer screen? My guess is its porn.