Mina_Lunga on July 10, 2006

Ooops. This page was supposed to come before the previous page, but it doesn't really matter, so here it is now. Sorry for any minor casual errors.

From left to right (and ignoring Tighe and William):
Tom Nearford of Thunder Roarer, Dillon of Dillon (who is dressed as a musketeer for fun's sake), Aidan of The Krae (un-bitten here, and his hair my be too light), Siilas from Two Moons looking scary and androgenous as always,Joan of Hurrock's Fardel (Drake wanted to play, but it's too silly for him to hide in a cloak for all of the panels), Casper of Darken (old costume, ‘cuz that was my screenshot reference), Syrin from my own comic A’kni'att (what? You never followed any of my links down there?), and last but not least Reuthin of Oh Brother Qlippoth whose name I've probably spelled wrong (and who insisted on keeping those darned anachronistic shades).

Whew! I restriced myself to characters who could pretty easily pass for human, and then still ran out of room.

This is, I admit, FUN.