KimLuster on March 19, 2018

Okey-Dokey…! I've decided to just relax, sit back, and create what I want. The Good Walker was an experiment, one that I enjoyed for the most, but somewhere along the way I lost my grip on it! Even now, I'm not totally sure why. I just knew I had to back off and regroup. But I did really like that story, the world and myth I made, and I may just revisit it someday.

For now, I'm gonna start a Godstrain sequel: Godstrands! My plan is for it to be a coherent whole, but each ‘chapter’ will essentially be a standalone short story of however many pages it takes to tell. I do know where it's ultimately supposed to go, but I'll not be in any rush to get there because: 1) I don't wanna pseudo-burnout like I did with my illustrated novel, and 2) I wanna have fun with it, and what's wrong with fun lasting a bit?!

Here's hoping that everyone that enjoyed and supported the Godstrain hops on for this ride!