Tangles - Cover

KimLuster on Aug. 15, 2018

Next short story starting up - Tangles!!

But… the first real page may be delayed because of another RL issue (a beloved aunt is on her last days, plus I'm trying to work in a trip to the coast, plus the DD Awards…), but I will get it out kinda soonish!!

There will be a few cameos from other comics in this story. Two of them appear here on the cover: one you might recognize, the other is a bit more obscure, but I'll bet some of you will recall when she shows up!!

So, DD Awards!! We seriously need more judges and presenters. If more don't volunteer, there's a real danger it could get put off, or *gasp* cancelled! Don't let it happen! Go here to This page! All the links on how to volunteer on on the left!!

Thank You!!

Life and Good Dreams!!