Magical Fairy Princess Librarian POWER! (Ch. 4 Pg. 11)

taradaga on April 30, 2009

I like this page okay!! I really like how Wednesday turned out, and Mercer's expression in the third panel, and the bg of panel 2… BUT YES! I was glad to draw this page, a bit less complicated then the pages as of recent.

I don't know how that librarian showed up to magically shush them, so I'm making up this story as I type this, that she's a magical girl who is summoned to libraries wherever someone is speaking too loudly to use her shush power. She has a magical fish friend to guide her, and has this magic wand that will take lint out of cardigans. Oh my.

Just finished watching MirrorMask while doing this page. Have you guys seen it? My best friend bought me the DVD. I have a love/hate thing going with Neil Gaiman but this is a pretty good movie! It has a bit of what I don't like about Neil Gaiman, where he just throws these “quirky” ideas at the audience and is like WHOA LOOKITME! I'm a genius!! But it is still likable. Mostly because of the lead actress, Stephanie Leonides, oh my god, she is wonderful. More, please. One thing I really didn't like about it though was a bit of pointless moralising. OH NOES!! Smoking and making out with boys and wearing spiky necklaces it must be stopppppped. Sob.

Anyway, what.

Thanks for the continued support and comments!! I replied to the last page's comments just a bit ago, so. Just soes yah knows.