Chapter 1, Page 5

Grafighte on Feb. 5, 2008

I know it's probably too late, but sorry for the WAYYYY late update. The whole Christmas Break definitley hindered our progress as well as Grafighte's creative……eh, constipation, lol. Well, just here to tell you WE'RE BACK, and we'll be sure to have more consistant updates. At LEAST 1 page per week. Grafighte got back into his flow, and I did as well. We're pumped to get these ideas on paper and show you the power of two comic artists obsessed with zombies and what they're capable of. Well, that's it for now, the new page is coming soon so please look back ;)

as always, thanks for the kind words and support. It's what we live for, and it's why we keep making pages.

Josh Hohl co-creator of Graphic Outbreak

Justin Berry sends his regards as well(right now his internet is out :( )