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Reca on May 8, 2015

And this brings us to the end of the first volume. I do intend to write a sequel to Gryphon Rise, but I wanted to focus on some other projects first (Wizard Along the Way).
This was almost a 2 year project for me that was just testing the waters to see how well I could keep to a schedule/ if people likes what i was interested in writing.
I learned a lot from it and I hope you enjoyed reading it. I know its something of a let down for Kern to leave his village behind- but I believe it really gives him the chance to expand as a character in the sequel. I also thought it too cheesy for the superstitious people of the town to do a 180 on their personalities- and while living with Nugget would be entertaining- I doubt Kern would find it appealing in the long run.
Let me know your thoughts on the story and if you are interested in seeing a sequel- the more interest it receives the faster I move it up on my to-do list of stories.

Thank you for Reading