Prologue - iii

XeaRi on Nov. 28, 2008

FortunaGrid got a ton of pages from me to ink, one of which includes a background for her to draw because I'm failzorz at that, so I felt sort of useless and toned this page.

I rather enjoy this page. I made the line thickness for Kent's front wing bigger in the first panel, and I like how it makes it stand out in front. I also made the light source come from below, because there is fire in the battlefield. I never work with light sources beyond basic ones, so I was quite pleased with myself.

What bothers me is the positioning of the text. Again I ended up with a lack of space. We were trying to get the whole prologue into as few pages as possible, but quite a bit of text happens in it because of the narration.

I'll probably tone the next page as well. Page i has been done for a while now and is just awaiting the deployment of other pages.