Little Swan on Oct. 5, 2011

I just wanted to say thank you to all my wonderful DD friends… somehow I was lucky enough to be nominated for an award. I really wasn't expecting it, because I have been on a massive hiatus from Drunkduck for a long time and have only returned in the last few months or so. I read a lot of comics but again, I didn't start commenting once more until recently, so the thought that my comments have been noticed enough to have people put me forward for an award blows me away.
This was a giant surprise for me, and put a huge smile on my face. As you're all probably aware, I've recently started university and moving away from home/Matt for the first time has taken a massive toll on me. At times I find it nigh impossible to cope, so sweet things like this really do make a lot of difference.
I don't expect to win, but this is enough. So, my friends… thank you!
I hope you're all taking care. Fingers crossed I can upload some more comic pages soon but as I'm sure you can all guess, the first week of university means I have a gigantic workload. I need to figure out a plan of action and then I can get down to it.