Have A Gothy Day Page 24

Rick Fury on June 26, 2010

– This Takes Place The Morning After Last Comic, The Dinners Done And Sunny Managed To Escape Gabys Not So Subtle Advances…

– At School, Where Gary's Doing Something Evil, Probably To The Emo's…Or Vampire wannabe's. And Sye's Off In Her Own Brightly colored, High Voltage World, Dancing Around To Her Sye-pod.

– I Wanted To Make This Comic Without Any Word text Because I Dont Think The Page Needed It, The art Was Strong Enough To Speak For Itself, So I Just added Humorous Word Bubbles.

– The Welcome Matt Is Also Thrown In Because If I Had A Locker In Highschool I Would Totally Have A Welcome Matt Too!.

– Sye Also Isnt Wearing Her Glasses Because You Dont Need Glosses When Your Rocking Out…And I Forgot To Draw Them…

– Enjoy.

– And Have A Gothy Day!.

– Have A Gothy Day: Concept And Characters Are Owned By Rick Gibson And Jim Marquez.