damehelsing on Aug. 6, 2020

I would put a trigger warning but… you guys will see the page before you see this D: anyway, NEXT PAGE: TRIGGER WARNING.

Thank you guys and thank you Ozone for the feature! I'm so happy and excited that Hel's Ferrywomen got featured T-T

In case anyone is curious I'm offering my services as a comic flatter and/or colorist! :] contact me for my rates. I also have commissions open, here is a link to my rates: https://twitter.com/aggiebun/status/1258814489664913416/photo/1

And hey if you're still reading this and you haven't voted for Hel's Ferrywomen for the Drunk Duck Awards (this is the last week to vote!) and you're still unsure if you want to, please consider voting based off of these categories:
-Best Art
-Best Comic Layout
-Best Supernatural/Horror/Fantasy Comic
-Best Character Design
You can vote here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1QQk5VFGEkNqiIMxmnWainotcenl3-oRiQQetxnHFq1Q/viewform?edit_requested=true
Also wanna see more of the characters? Here's the cast page: https://hels-ferrywomen.com/characters/ you can also get ahead on Hel's Ferrywomen's official site here: https://hels-ferrywomen.com/