A second character?!

honey bucket on Dec. 6, 2008

Yeah, this is not the usual style of HG. Anatomy and perspective (and the decency that was preventing me from posting filler XD) were whispering in my ear, and I was all, “Forget it, guys, we're doin' this.” This is the her from yesterday, Lynn. But they are definitely not this close at this point in the story, I just wanted to post it XD She'll show up sooon.

My excuses: 1.Yesterday was my birthday, 2. I had to compete in a speech competition for, literally, the WHOLE DAY (I didn't win but I did well), 3. My computer is completely terrible and virus-filled.

To make up for this: I got a new tablet (see birthday, above) that will not be as confused about whether it's plugged in or not! I will de-virus my computer and hook it up ASAP. And I will crank out so many pages after that happens!