Heroes Alliance #0 Hero Benefit Edition

Abt_Nihil on Aug. 4, 2011

Heroes Alliance #0 is now available in print! 100% of the profits will go to Hero. As you may remember, he had lost his house in a fire, and we tried raising some money via donations and commissions. Eric Lamont aka legacyhero (lineart) and I (colors) supplied brand-new cover artwork specifically for this edition, which you can see above.
The cover artwork is also available on a t-shirt, and again - all profits from its sale will go to Hero.

Please also consider donating (by sending money to silent-e-entertainment “at” t-online.de) or buying/taking commissions (see my dA journal for participating artists).

Thank you for your support!

The next HA page is going to be up in a few days.