September Challenge: Thunderbird by CPDX

Macattack on Sept. 12, 2011

FIRST ENTRY! HUZZAH! Anyways, The September Challenge was to draw one of your heroes along with their name, and brief description of them So here is Thunderbird by CPDX. A hero who fights in an advanced power armor suit. 
if you want to send in an entry you can PQ me or post it on the forum there.


cpdx says: Name:Blitz Lasair
codename: Thunderbird
Powers/Weapons: control of lightning, allows him to power battle suit simular to Shell Tec that also allows flight, has several weapon systems such as a sholder mounted missile laucher, a plazma lightning cannon and twin lightning blasters on his wrists.

Blitz was a US Navy Seal Team Six member playing tourist for a few days (while on leave) at the Nazca lines in Peru flying a small rental plane when a collosal thunderstorm appeared out of nowhere trapping his plane in the vortex. Desperately trying to doge hundreds of lightning bolts shooting towards his plane Blitz collided with a massive thunder god rising form the lines in the form of the ancient Thunder Bird of legand. Awaking six months later from a coma in a CIA base he discovered that he had absorbed some of the ancient Native American God's powers and was offered a chance to be recuited by the CIA to become one of the first superhuman secret soldiers in the War on Terror. He accepted almost immediately.
Seven months went by as Blitz went on various missions across Africa and and the Middle East hunting down over a dozen terrorist cells and destroying recuitment and training camps. Meanwhile the docters and scientists that had managed to stabilize his powers and save his life while he was in the coma, created the S.S.C.S. Markak# 1 (Super Seal Combat Suit) based off the technology of the Japanese super hero SHELL but powered by the electricity from Blitz's body. Recently he has recived the permission of his CIA superiors to join the Heros Alliance on the condition he become a lison officer in their ranks to establish a working relationship between the CIA and the Heros Alliance.