Chapter 5 Page 08

Abt_Nihil on Aug. 28, 2012

Look, it's almost a Monday update!

There are 700 years between the first two panels. Cogito's been around for a while! Compare this scene from the previous chapter.

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Tantz Aerine: Thank you! But… I didn't even know you needed convincing :p

man in black: Nope!

KingZombie999: Thank you!

Lemniskate: Writing repl– aborted

Nepath: Thanks!

alejkhan: Thank you very much! You might be able to preorder this thing, although I guess the price would have to be quite high to compensate for a thousand years of inflation.

EDIT (Sept 25th): Sorry I dropped off the face of the earth for a month. Again, things are far too busy for me to update this comic, and I'll be away for the next two weeks. I promise I'll get back to at least weekly updates then, starting in the second week of October!