HIME pg38

hchano on June 7, 2014

guys i know it's been over 4 years… i'm sorry that i haven't touched this comic since then xD;; i found this page sketched up in my old sketchbook and figured it deserved to be with the rest, so i scanned it and inked it real fast ahah (very awkward inking 4+ year old art wow). but this is likely the last page of this comic, i think. sorry :C all my art time these days goes to my main webcomic, which is dream*scar … if you enjoyed HIME, you will probably enjoy that one too, tho romance isn't the prime focus of it…somaybeyouwon'tI'MSORRY.

i'd let you guys know what happens next but i was always just making this comic up on the fly, so i don't remember what i had intended to happen with Emy and Kara… i do remember Trent and Kara were gonna beat Tom (Emy's boyfriend) up at some point before it ended tho LOL. that was always one of the goals xD i am sad it never happened but oh well…

anyway take care guys!! :C