New web comic!

theorah on Jan. 31, 2011

*pimpy pimpy*

I thought I'd update my old webcomic pages to say (in case anyone decides to read this) that I have a new webcomic starting today!

“The small English town of Wootton Bassett begins to be haunted by a series of mysterious and horrific murders! Hemu, a new-comer to the town, becomes an obvious and easy target to the local community- he does have his fair share of secrets! But what secrets are the other locals hiding?
A comic about the peculiar prejudices and customs of small communities, with a hint of social commentary on modern Britain, and a sinister splash of horror ;)”

So yeah come check it out! It'll be updating right now every Saturday, but hopefully when I get to the main chapters which are in black and white, it will update more frequently :)