going out... with a BANG!

PhilWrede on Feb. 27, 2010

The original intention of this strip was to serve as something of a reboot. The simple fact of the matter is that Ross and Ellen aren't nearly as interesting as Smithee, particularly when it comes to bouncing off our not-exactly-hero Wilkinson. So, what was supposed to follow this violent little development was a re-pairing of Smithee and Wilkinson, just like the good old days (except that Smithee would have a case of Man-With-The-Screaming-Brain-itis, leading them off on more wacky adventures than even before) Ross and Ellen would eventually return as cyborg drones, fashioning some actual persistent antagonists for our heroes (more effective than the drop-in/drop-out Nelson, or the presumably wiped-out Brigade).

The plan was to cut back and forth between Smithee and Wilkinson's day-to-day work adventures (since none of them have performed anything resembling their actual job for over a month of real time… does anyone remember what Wilkinson's job actually is?) with Z's Logan's Run/THX 1138-esque escape attempt, which was going to be pretty ambitious in its scope. Perspective, shading… I was intending to deploy actual artistic techniques in the telling of his story. Unfortunately, I'm not any good at doing things like that, so it's just as well I never committed any of those concepts to a digital format. It would've been more embarrassing than even some of my early art (which, by the way, YEESH! At least I've gotten better at drawing straight lines since that first strip almost exactly 6 months ago).

Again, thanks to everyone who came with me on this little ridiculous ride of mine. I feel mentally healthier for doing it, and jazzed to see where the next cartooning experiment'll take me. Hopefully, whenever it comes to pass, you'll all be willing to come on it with me. I promise, it'll be significantly better!