Mika_yi on April 22, 2018

so, I missed updates, and didn't get any more pages loaded.

1. windows update decided to mess the pen up, I have a surface pro so even turning off windows ink was epic fail, I use photoshop and recently I started drawing on the computer because I had issues where I kept messing up pages on paper and redrawing those pages made me irritated to the point I wanted to cry. this just made it worst.

2. I tried to download GIMP, it's suppose to be similar to photoshop and I tried to draw on it, epic fail, took me 5 days to even get a drawing done, at which point it's the last page on the recent loaded, so you'll notice a lot of jagged lines, and my drawing style looks off. TT.TT

3. windows finally fixed the bug and gave us code to fix the problem, meaning I can use my old crappy PS again! However, again I am new to drawing on the computer so bare with me if my arts a bit off for a while.

thank you !