Mika_yi on July 15, 2018

the whole drawing on tablet didn't last long… I kept getting dizzy staring at the screen and it wasn't a size I am used to drawing on, so I went back to paper drawing and digital coloring.
Also it may look a bit strange, but I only changed the art style a little, I think more or less because this comic wasn't suppose to look as ‘cartoonish’ as my other two, so I tired something different and flatten the hair, and did a little different coloring in the eyes. not much.

sorry for the late update, seems I maybe updating late on all my comics for a bit, I tended to have a mental break down and wanted to chuck my art cause I couldn't seem to get pages right, and I started to try and work on to many things at once, mainly, ‘covers, redrawing comic, and trying to create the actual story book for this comic.’ as well as trying a different style in the art. x.x" anyways I'll try and be better.

thank you everyone for sticking with me.