Mika_yi on Sept. 16, 2018

few things:
1. Hurricane is about to hit us, so I forced myself to finish and post the page before it's smacks into us. in which I don't know when I'll be able to update, i but hopefully things don’t get bad
2. I'm sorry for the update being over a month late, and only one page. there was a lot going on between work, and my depression wasn't handled well this time around, I'm doing okay though got something to help with it.
3. change of coloring style? yes I tried a little something different this time around. I was looking for something a bit easier for me to color, and a little change in style, I went back to drawing by hand, because I couldn't really draw right on the tablet. hope it's okay.

4. thank you everyone for staying with me, it means a lot I know I'm slow to update. thank you again. ^-^