Mika_yi on Sept. 30, 2018

hi, back from the death of flooding! So the hurricane did end up hitting us, and stayed causing a lot of flooding where I am. the power was out for about 2 weeks, so I was dying of heat and when I could I had to get myself to work to charge the electronics. We had no internet either, basically it was using the phone and I couldn't really draw well under candlelight.

all is well and we survived, although I'm having a bit of time, my dads dog got loose and we were out there for an hour trying to find him in the storm, only I was the one that found him and he had drowned so for the past few weeks I haven't been doing well. I ran into flood waters to go get him. how I found him and how he felt in my arms is still something I can't really get over. and I still see it and feel it.

all in all I'm trying my best to keep the updates going. I have a calendar about days I should be updating.

thank you everyone who favorite and liked the comic it means a lot!