Portal Chat

Xade on March 9, 2009

Daz isnt working right for some reason, there is 16 models in one scene and I’m having a hard time loading and rendering it so I decided to post this until I get everything right. I'll probably have to do many scenes and do a bit of photoshopping trickery on the final panel. Dont worry, you wont even know :). Enjoy.

What is going on? O.O

Touch Book Website Ironically, I wanted Jeff to have a top of the line personal tablet pc. A week after I whipped it up and placed it in the scene I found a newspaper article about it. Realizing that it was a perfect real world match for Jeff's hand pc I contacted them. Always Innovating was flattered that I wanted to use their product, and agreed that it was hypothetically possible if Jeff had a relative working in R & D to own a prototype. So that's how the Touch Book got into IoX.