101 TKO!

Xade on March 22, 2009

That means total knock out for those who doesnt have any friends or family into boxing. I thought about having some speech but then again, I think this one doesnt need any. I hope I imparted that the foot slip happened in slow motion then the legs banged as everything sped up. For a refresher, since it has been so long since I did any actual story comics… I know blueboy's (yes he is a shade of blue, not purple, sample it yourself and see :P) design has changed dramatically, but you never got a look at his face, tho I will edit the texture and remove the pink lips. I forgot about something…

Yeah I know it jumped from 80 to 101, somehow I lost count and I am including the sunday shorts and cameo capers in this count. There's actually 113 pages over here, but im not counting the fillers and history pages so we'll just say this is 101 and start fresh.