The first one!

alecisonfire on Oct. 11, 2007

Hey, this comic will develop in art skills so fast, it's instant!
Or at least as instant as most ‘instant’ products.

Development of skills subject to terms and availability.

Just incase you were wondering, it's a broom with a paper plate stuck on with the highest quality of glues - which is why the paper plate does not fall off. I think crayola felt tips were used for the face. Oh and the arms are also glued on, and made of some random, but at the same time rather uniformly straight twigs.

You might think the answer to this guy's question is easy; “It's the same glue!”. You would however be wrong, because there wasn't enough glue for that. Infact I'm pretty sure there wasn't enough money in the budget. So it is indeed a valid mysterious question.