035- Goomba's need love too...

poonipoonz on July 12, 2010

Oh hey guys. Long time no see. *cricket noises*. I decided to update seeing as I had more time. Possibly more updates this week to come? Maybe. xD Anyways, hope you guys enjoy. You may have noticed the word balloons have changed. I tried to make it a little more cartoony. Let me know if you guys like. Oh, and Diddy doesn't have his hat in the last panel. Will be explained why in the next page. Enjoy!
On another note everyone, I'd like to announce the comic awards event currently going on on my forum. It's still going so act now to join! It's free for anyone to join. Don't be shy! Simply click on the button below to participate! You'll be happy to know there's great prizes to be won. ;)