Applesauce pt1

Jason Rivera on May 12, 2009

Hey there Bird Brains (that's what I've decided to call readers of the strip) I know I missed an update, but like I said in another thread I have a good explanation. Drum roll please, budadudadudadu… I've joined the military!

The Army national guard to be exact. The economy sucks, my job cut my hours and I have a family to support and I've never heard of the army down sizing so… So I was out of town and couldn't get to the strip. When you sign up for the military you have to go through all kinds of test asvab, eye sight, hearing blah blah blah.

But fear not it's not gonna happen again. I'll be uploading a bunch of strips tonight and tomorrow and setting their live dates for a week apart. Now I had previously said that I'd be going to 3 times a week soon, but that's not gonna happen yet I will be going to basic training August 10 so if I did that then shortly after I leave the strip would stop being updated. So instead I'll stick to a weekly schedule.

The sad part is after I leave I won't be able to respond to your comments. But my wife is going to be setting up a drunk duck account that way she can read your comments and write back in my place, she'll also be keeping it updated with what's goin on with me. Also she'll be writing me and letting me know how the strips goin, and what comments were left for me. So please feel free to comment. It'll be nice to know how the strips doin while I'm gone.

If at any point someone wants to do a guest strip or ask any question don't hesitate to e-mail me at, I'll write back to every e-mail good or bad till I leave after that my wife will respond as soon as possible and relay the messages back to me at basic.

For now though fuck all that let's get on with the strip. Ok so I had a problem with a strip bein corupt and lost on my computer and also lost in my house so I skipped it and went to the next one. The funny thing this is the first strip I ever did of Jail Birds but I didn't feel it was strong enough on it's own so I whipped up the previous strips to get the ball rollin. It kicks of a short character arch with Winch the penquin. Hope you enjoy and sorry the early stuff isn't as edgy but it picks up within the next couple strips.