False Alarm

Chameleon Kid on March 28, 2009

{EDIT} Arr, okay…I'm falling behind in everything, I won't be posting another John Clyde page until I build up a small buffer of pages. Sorry, try not to hate me too much. ^_^' (CK, 4-13-09)

Jeez, just barely finished this page on time! I'm running behind in everything I do, which is why AROTD is late too. A mix of distraction, nice weather, unexpected rides, and jelly beans. Okay, okay, so the jelly beans didn't do a thing. (But keep me sustained during the wee hours of the morn.)

Hopefully I can get some drawing done today! ^___^ *must remain optimistic* (repeats mantra over to self.)

For this one, I copied and pasted a background–I figured it'd be easier…Of course, when the time came, I couldn't properly remember how to do it. So I spent waaay too much time on this one when it should've been relatively quick and easy. Heh, heh…woops. ^_^'

I'll try to get up a page next Sunday too, but at the moment, anything could happen. (I shouldn't be typing this. It's early morning for me. NOT my most comprehensive time.) *normally I type this up Saturday afternoon or even before*

(That's my way of apologizing if I'm hard to understand or say/type strange random babble.)