Bio: Tempore

shastab24 on Aug. 22, 2010

On to characters tied to universes of my own design. Tempore is going to be the focus of the first issue of Karabear Comics Unlimited, as soon as I get the thing done (yes, drawn by me in my bad art–I'm trying to push myself because nobody is agreeing to help me).

He is my version of a character my older brother created, who just might be the one for tomorrow's bio (I don't have a picture, but I can try and whip something up in Hero Machine–but could also ask my brother to e-mail me a picture, since he has drawn him before). There are a myriad changes to the previous character for this, but Tempore came to be something of his own character, anyways.

And for those confused about Tempore controlling a multiverse, since some people think that a multiverse contains all realities, here is the structure:
World (or planet, etc.)
Universe (or reality, etc.)
Multiverse (containing mostly similar realities)
Megaverse (multiverses in close proximity)
Omniverse (every reality)