Page 3: issues 6 (The Trial) and Special 2 (Sysyphus Part 2)

shastab24 on June 6, 2012

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Top page: The layrinth is supposed to extend on into the mountains, and I was thinking of the titular one from the movie Labyrinth when drawing it. However, I know the effect doesn't look all that great. But hey, I finally worked an issue title into the content of the comic, so that's a plus. I forgot to put the “by Ave Messer” bit, but I would think people should understand that nobody else did this comic. Surely nobody else would own up to drawing it.

Bottom page: As I was lettering this page, I was tempted to make the entire thing wordless. However, there were points I wanted to bring up. But hey, you get to see more of how I draw the Editor (from Evil Overlords United and the Crossover Wars). I realize he looks a lot like a dragon (or at least how I draw dragons–not that most people have seen that), but he's a naga. He's also the most powerful Overlord. In fact, I made sure to have him mention about Tempore's power because I wanted to get the point across–Tempore may be very powerful, but comparatively he's no match for magic. I still think he could feasibly win a fight with the Editor, if he played his cards right, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen now that another character has joined the fray. I hope I can get some guesses as to who it is.

Tomorrow: Shifting to Sparkle, and we find out who has joined in to help the Editor