Page 5: issues 9 (Marooned) and Halloween Special (Cluster One)

shastab24 on Sept. 10, 2012

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Top page: The art is obviously lacking here.  This is a point I wish I had a good EC Comics-style artist.  The last panel is supposed to be far less ambiguous what's happenning–his skin is supposed to be stretched tight, like he's mummified (but without the rot).  But this page is really getting into the meat of the story.  I doubt this thing's going to be very long, as well.  Probably my shortest issue yet.
I also know I made a very silly mistake: with the football game, I gave both teams home uniforms.  I should have recolored one of the jerseys white, but I didn't.  Funny thing is that while I was finishing the page, I had the Niners game on.  Just some nice synchronicity as I colored a football game as a football game was going.
Bottom page: Not much here, and I was going to have more, but I guess I'll do it later.  Instead, enjoy this shot of Tyrion, in far more grand a scale than I am used to drawing anything.  I especially had fun with doing the ships flying about.  They're mostly space ships, but I figured that shouldn't matter.  Two ships are space ships I have designed over my life, one is one designed by my little brother, one is inspired by one from a webcomic, and one might actually be pretty recognizable to some people.  I think I'll let people try and guess which one is which that I'm talking about (and the inspirations for the last two).
Somehow my favorite part, though, is the whipped cream-like building near Tempore's head.