Page 7: issues 9 (Marooned) and Halloween Special (Cluster One)

shastab24 on Sept. 12, 2012

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Top page: Poor art, of course, but that's what always happens.  But I think this gets the point across.  I'm not sure, but one could probably reasonably assume what is going to happen in the story by now, at least generally.
Bottom page: Last time you saw a 501 bartender in the comic (back in issue 4), it was Daniel.  This is Chad.  I'm going to run a superhero name by the real Chad to see if it sounds good to him, but for the moment, he can simply be called Chad.  He's the token straight guy at the 501 (though he calls himself “the gayest straight guy out there”).  And the shirtless costume?  I'm extrapolating on the fact that he does take off his shirt a lot when he bartends (and apparently he's a bit of a nudist, so there's that, too, though his costume does have a bottom to it).
Also, I allude to Astral's power here, because it's useful in a crossover to do (plus, I had to solve the problem I realized I had, of how Astral would use his power without a place to set his physical body).  Sparkle's is a little more straight-forward.  And I brought in Locomotive again because I needed to remedy another problem–that the two couldn't go into Tyrion and lock the door to Astral's house behind them.  Since Locomotive has a degree of super speed and is from their world, she seemed the logical choice.  The guy in the brown costume is just filler, though.  I probably could have put Red Mind there, but oh well.  Anybody want to use that guy–give him a name and powers?