Page 9: issues 9 (Marooned) and Halloween Special (Cluster One)

shastab24 on Sept. 14, 2012

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Top page: This issue seems to have very few words.  There are more wordless pages than I thought I would do.  I almost put the *Trip* sound-effect into panel 3, though.  But just like with his dad, he just wants to run away.  I can't say I wouldn't panic in such a situation, myself.
Bottom page: The four stories continue, and I'm glad this page actually advanced them, as such a page can easily be stagnation.  Tempore sees a moon in a sky which shouldn't have one, so his story is getting fun here.  Eiderdown and Fractal run into Hogan, who I couldn't resist putting into the Caper–it's tradition (well, I don't think he was there for 2010, but otherwise, he's been in them all).  Also, Eiderdown shows off her tri-lingual abilities, speaking in Lao, Spanish and English.  She often does it, not to show off, but because all three are natural to her and she therefore does it by reflex.  Also, we see Astral in his astral form and he and Sparkle head off into Tyrion, which actually makes them behind the curve, as all my other characters are doing something in Tyrion itself.  Finally, the Swimmer and the Runner follow the Gunman to a coffee shop.  I should have said cafe, or something, because this is not supposed to be the one Eiderdown and Fractal are in.  The walls are a different color, after all (and I didn't want all of them to meet just yet).