Page 10: issues 9 (Marooned) and Halloween Special (Cluster One)

shastab24 on Sept. 17, 2012

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Top page: I'm nearing the end here, but I may be drawing it out a bit.  I'd first thought it might not get to be as long as other issues, but I'm not sure now.  The problem is I may not know exactly how to end this, considering I don't know if it's a natural ending point up to where I originally conceived.  We'll see.
Bottom page: Ah, I love Chaos.  And I couldn't resist making him do the shoulder-tapping fake-out, with a twist as only he could do it.  I figure that with him, whatever you think of should be possible, considering his vast power and chaotic nature.  Still, panel 5 interacting with panel 2 is my favorite part of this page.  Panel 7, meanwhile, was my attempt to have him do a Bugs Bunny (with the fire becoming more like ears and a fiery “mouth”, because he actually doesn't have one).  Of course, I gave him a pupil in that panel because I needed to show he was still looking at Tempore.
What I realized with this page, though, is that my new word balloon method makes it look odd on a white background.  It's annoying, because that is a reason I find the balloons difficult, anyways (since I don't have a proper lettering program).