Page 41: Halloween Special - Cluster One

shastab24 on Oct. 30, 2012

I'm putting together a crossover project for next year to run through multiple comics and hopefully benefit the Hero Initiative.  If you want to participate, e-mail me at or PQ me on this site.
Also, Heroes Alliance, here on Drunk Duck, has begun uploading a story I wrote and many drew.  Sure, I drew more pages than anyone else, but there is some great art in it, too.  I wrote the story two years ago, so it's nice to see it finally going up.  It's updating every other day and is epic in length.
Onto the page at hand: So close to the end here, and I realize that though I had two months, I should have picked up the pace.  This week just feels rushed–because I want to wrap it up tomorrow.  That doesn't mean others can't fill in the gaps for me, though–the other Capers have often lasted for quite some time after Halloween.  Heck, I think the 2011 Caper technically still has a storyline going.
But I reveal my incredibly unsubtle idea of who the murderer is–Hogan, the administrator of the Webcomic Crossover and Cameo Archive, and also this year's Caper.  One can say that it's not him that's the murderer, that he's only responding to the surge of cameos, and my extensive storyline for the Caper, but in a way he actually did kill the Gate of the Worlds, since he came up with the premise for the Caper.  He seems all-around the natural fit.