Korin nom noms!

Dusk on April 6, 2009

upset I haven't been updating? Well, you're not alone. So is Korin. Angry!Korin is not a happy Korin to be stuck with.

No, I didn't update yesterday, and i'm quite ashamed. But, my muse decided to get drunk and pass out over the past couple of weeks.

No amount of proding her has taken her out of her hang over, and thus Korin remains nomming on my head till I update.

honestly things have been…sort of busy (by my standards XD) for those of you who play WoW you might understand, but out guild started raiding Naxx this week and with me being Guild Leader, i've had no choice but to attend. but, our schedule will even out soon and i'll have more time to draw. Hopefully, soon, my muse will stop praying to the porcelain goddess and return to me.

In the meantime, my OTHER muse is making me kick around ideas for a Original Senshi Sailor Moon Doujin. Crazy right? my mind is either too active, or too latent. :P

but don't worry, comic will return. Might have to stick with B&W pages until I can find time for fill color, but if I can color a page, I will.