This Is A Public Service Announcement (brought to you by Petah and Kevin)

KevinClifford on Jan. 18, 2011

Petah and I decided to make a public service announcement to halp me afford to get my new computer. Which will cost $1900. My parents are covering up to $1500, so I really only need $400, but I could always use a new monitor, keyboard, mouse, sound card and speakers~

As such, I've started a fund drive to help me pay for a bunch of parts for a computer I will be putting together ASAP. So, I ask you to help me get a new computer by donating :[ Clicking here will take you to the donation page. (In other words,

You might see this all over Drunkduck. That's cuz me and Petah are trying to make this another one of those “bother, bother, bother” things. In other words, repost this shit onto your comic!

Might as well put there here too since it's somewhat important:

What My Author Notes at PH Have Been Saying For Several Months
I'm still looking for a new Professor Oak. Anyone who wants to try out please contact me privately in some way (PQ, PM, email, IM, etc.) and send me a sample. Also, this voice needs to NOT be morphed by any sort of voice changer - such as MorphVOX, nor can it be some computer generated crap. If it is, you're just wasting both of our time. Seriously guys, the Flash won't be going anywhere if I can't replace him in a timely manner.