Fighting yourself does is not fun

FreakGamer on April 15, 2007

Yea a new comic. I really am enjoying this whole Civil War thing. Now I am going to decide where my character goes. He will be having a war against himself and against everyone else.

Just to clarify things, His name is Kyle Polo and his online screen name is FreakGamer. So by others he is called either Polo FreakGamer Freak or Kyle. Either one is acceptable from other people. If you haven't guessed this character is basically me. I am Kyle Polo and my online Alias is FreakGamer. People call me all of that. Online people call me Freak my rl friends call me Polo, and people at work call me Kyle.

When he fighting the war in his brain the fat one is Polo and the Ninja is FreakGamer. The rl presence would be called Kyle. Whatever form he is holding that is what side he is on. Freakgamer or the ninja fights with Riot. Polo or the Fat one fights with Zac. This is until one side is victorious in the brain.

Hope you guys like. If you have questions as always ask away.