Coming to an end part 5

FreakGamer on Nov. 17, 2007

Here it is finally the unraveling of the White Ranger. Ok I know I am really horrible. After all this time saying it wasn't me to find out it is. I know it is like a WTF moment. Still the same I guess all you figured it was me anyway. So yea there ya go I split into 2 actual bodies this time. As I really want to start working on a new comic I will say that it was because part of me didn't want to be neutral anymore and split again. I know I know didn't all my sides fuze. Yea I know makes jack shit for sense but well I had to be the white ranger. I can't really explain it.

Speaking of Rangers well my new comic is officially up. This comic has one more update (as of right now) so if you want to continue to follow my work and a few of my characters check out Power Rangers Chaos Force. I am really liking where I am going with this series so far. Check it out. The first real page of that comic will start as soon as this one ends. Literally that same day. So check it out… please. Give it a fave and leave your thoughts.

Well catch you guys later.