The Final Page!!!!!

FreakGamer on March 7, 2008

Here it is the end of my Civil War event. You might be asking yourself right about now “Why the hell did he end it all on a cliff hanger” Well I will tell you why because this isn't the end.

From here we go on to my new comic Power Rangers Chaos Force

If you want to find out what happens to these guys you have to go there. In fact that story takes place the second after this comic. Go ahead and see for yourself.

Also to my friends from the Civil War, if the Civil War picks up again I may show what happens to the rest of the crew since they left the ship. The ship is now no where and the crew is listening to the White Ranger.

Oh yea I said I wasn't going to finish because I was annoyed with sprites well I have stories to tell so I don't care. I still can't draw so this will have to do till I can find an artist. I love to tell stories that is me.