Filler 1

danendesign on March 24, 2010

They won't let me be! T_T

I'm so sorry guys, I didn't want to take a break so soon in the comic but it has to be done. First on my list is school work and studying for upcoming tests. Second is work, which I have every day I don't spend at school. Third is my second job, freelancing as a logo designer. (Not to complain really but when you ask an artist to do a logo for you, don't tell them to change the whole idea right as they get done with your original idea. It pisses them off and makes them charge you extra. Feel free to have an opinion, but try to have your ideas all out in the open BEFORE they start working.) Fourth, helping host a woman's retreat and preforming at it. And last but not at all least, applying and auditioning for an internship with Disney! (Wish me luck with this one, I really really want it bad!)

But this all sadly means one thing, you suffer. As I have no time I won't be on a normal schedule till at least the end of the month. I'll do my best to still get one out every week but It'll be done whenever I can find time to do it. So please bear with me!