Lexis Diner - Niccea

tiki_carol on Sept. 2, 2010

Niccea, (link:) http://user.drunkduck.com/Niccea
being a Philosophy Major was ripe for roasting by our resident cigar smoking cockroach.
He doesn't care much for academia.
Hay, at least she didn't puke on her books.
CLEAN UP ISLE never mind.

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This weeks recipe:
Bubble And Squeak Soup
(How Apropos)

Serves 6

2 Onions Finely Diced

3 Medium Desiree Potatoes, Peeled and sliced finely

1.25 Litre Vegetable Stock

Grated Nutmeg (Fresh)

275g Brussels sprouts, shredded finely sliced (reserve some outer green leaves)

150g Kale or other green cabbage, blanched and refreshed

100g Ice

6 Rashers of Bacon cut into lardons

6 Chestnuts, peeled, roasted and sliced

6 Brussels Top leaves - Blanched



Olive oil

This recipe is from across the pond so I wasn't sure on conversion on the ingredient quantity's.
In a heavy based pan, sweat the onion and potato in olive oil without color until soft.
Add the stock and cook until all the vegetables are very soft.

Bring up to the boil and add a small amount of seasoning and some grated nutmeg.
Add the shredded Brussels sprouts, and boil quickly until the sprouts are tender.
Quickly blanch and refresh the outer Brussels sprouts leaves.

In a kitchen blender, blend the soup on high speed until it becomes very smooth.
While the blender is still going add the kale and blanched Brussels sprouts and the ice
– This will set the color and stop it going brown and ensure a green end product.

Check for seasoning and set aside. Fry the bacon lardons and sliced chestnuts until golden.

To serve, pour the hot soup into bowls and place a Brussels Top leaf in the center.
Place the cooked bacon and chestnuts in the leaf and serve immediately.