Chapter 01, Page 18

Ringjo on Nov. 18, 2006

11-19-06: Updates, updates! Yehey. Still on schedule I guess. Besides the fact that I didn't get to work this morning because of the fight between Erik Morales and Manny Paquiao going on. As you all know, Manny Paquiao has become sort of a local hero here in the Philippines. So the Philippines was at a stand still just to watch his fight on TV. And horaay! He won! He's the greatest. Though, I really wasn't expecting Erik Morales to be defeated that easily. He's a great fighter, but TKO on the 3rd round? Sheesh… It must be because of his new training (not to mention his weight loss).

Page Note: back to the cemetery. Now we get to see Kiko's true colors. hehehe…