Joff on Oct. 22, 2006

You may be wondering about this comic and why it's four times bigger than normal.. well you seeeeee..

I am participating in the Hallowe'en Cameo Crossover Caper with some very talented people, but I hit a slight snag when it became pretty obvious that I couldn't just get Steve and Bobby to Shelterville from the offices of Time in just three panels. And don't think I didn't try.. Anyway, This is the result. A special, larger comic to set everything up nicely.. I hope you enjoy it

*Just watches that fourth panel* This is why you should close the lid on permanent markers when you're not using them
While I remember.. Anyone in the Caper who was planning on using that money/gold, let me know and I'll have Steve throw it back. At great personal risk too myself :)

Anyhoo.. Check out this address for more detail and a convenient archive of all participating comics. Thank you for your attention