#1018 - Halloween Cameo Caper 2011 - Happy Halloween

Joff on Oct. 31, 2011

The best part about crazy, multiversal escapades… There's not yet been a true volcano in this region. Fortunately, I don't always have to make sense.
Honestly, I just love the moon.. Chaos is an insanely powerful being… Insane being the imprtant part of the statement.
Anyway… Onto the Cameo list:
Gertrude and Brunhilda attend from The KAMics:

Cedrick, Fino and Layla are here from D.D.S.R:

Pixi and Fox are here from Hey Fox:

Trina is here from The Legend of Setar:

Hogan, Scale and Aggie are here from American Gothic:

Happy Halloween :)